custom wedding cake


We pride ourself on using only the finest ingredients to make all of our cakes, cookies and pastries. Baking with quality ingredients is key in achieving the best final product, every time! Our cakes are moist and our pastries are crisp and flakey. Come on in and try one of our treats for yourself. We're confident that you'll taste the difference!

Celebrating Life

With Cake!


Our cakes are not only delicious, but they're beautiful too! In fact, our cakes are almost too pretty to eat! If you have a special occasion coming up, let us know and we can customize a cake to suit the occasion and create lasting memories for the person receiving it.

custom wedding cake


As a proud Canadian company, we pay homage to our native East Coasters by offering a great selection of Maritime cookies, drinks, traditional foods and breads. We love baking up fresh raisin molasses bread for our customers (given 2 days’ notice), and are the only bake shop around to offer Partridge-berry tarts and home-made Cod fish cakes (the best ever...this side of town, eh!)

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custom wedding cake

Celebrating Life With Cake!

We use great ingredients and create edible masterpieces. We also carry some unique flavour options, like your favourite Maritime products.

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Be sure to check out our menu to see what goodies we carry.